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About Us

The Medicare Man is an independent insurance agency that is committed to helping the Medicare beneficiaries to navigate the confusing Medicare marketplace.  Agents with The Medicare Man are held to the highest standard of professionalism and training.


Why choose us?  Our role is to educated Medicare beneficiaries about the available plans and guide them through the process of selecting the best plan for their specific needs.  As independent insurance agents, we can offer multiple carriers to custom match a beneficiaries Medicare plan to their unique situation.


Our Story.  The Medicare Man was co-founded by Sean and Kira Willingham.  Sean's career in Medicare began in 2003.  Sean and Kira married in 2005, then formed K & S Insurance Services in 2008.  Because of Sean's expertise in Medicare, customers and colleagues called him "The Medicare Man".  Sean and Kira decided to make it official and formed The Medicare Man in 2015.



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